"Slowly counting down the days 'til I know your name"
-- The Civil Wars

Look who popped up while doing Derek’s photo shoot. Anyone remember Analena? I miss her, haha. 

Anyway, here, have these leftovers. ;]

May 9th — and with 1 note


so i shall use this happy photo of Derek to express my elation of this semester being over. :D

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|Alexa’s Bachalorette Challenge|

Derek  Alexander Ramirez

Age: 22 

Traits: Artistic, Clumsy, Family-Oriented, Good, Natural Cook

Likes: French Toast, Aqua, and Indie Music

This young lad comes from a mixed heritage of Scottish and Mexican, although he grew up in South Carolina, near the coast. Derek is definitely a mama’s boy, helping his dear mother cook dinner since he was a little boy. His mother realized he had talent in cooking meals, so she continued to teach him as much as she could, encouraging him to explore new cuisines. 

Derek is an easy-going spirit who tends to live life in the present, focusing on what he has and working towards his goals. He tries not to over-complicate things and just take things for what they are. 

After continuously getting questioned by his mother about finding his soulmate, Derek finally got it in gear. Luckily, he just so happened to hear about a bachorette challenge opening up for a young women named Alexa Jennings. Upon seeing her beautiful face, Derek instantly knew he had to do all he could to be a part of this adventure. He had to get to know this gorgeous girl. 


ultimate cute gloomy boy kellen by mezalie ;w;

Thanks so much, Hillary!! This is so cool!!!

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Can school be over yet?

I’m so done with this semester. I just wanna play my game!!

Have an old picture of Ellie with her macaw she found. 

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187 words of 3000…

this paper will be the death of me. *cries*

Just fiddling around while I wait for my next class. Had to dust off my pencil lol

So I should be painting right now but my neck hurts too bad for that. Have a photo of Mia and Kellen while I decide if I want to go in-game or not..

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Look at Kellen looking all bright and colorful

yet he forever has a gloomy face

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Meet Mia Stone.

I created her using Nemu's base sim. So pretty!! 

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